Postdoctoral Fellows

Miao Gui (2019-2022). Charles A King Trust Postdoctoral Fellow 2021-2022. Miao has now started a tenure-track position in China. During his time in the lab, Miao determined structures of bovine and human doublet microtubules, and the radial spokes and central apparatus from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. He also contributed to our work on the intraflagellar transport machinery and collaborated with Dr. Gerhard Wagner's lab to resolve the structure of a GPCR-G-protein complex in a circularized nanodisc.


Sandeep K. Singh (2017-2021). Joined St. Jude's Hospital as a Lead Researcher. During his time in the lab, Sandeep worked on the structure and function of the BBSome.

Hao Wu (2019-2020). Joined Yifan Cheng's lab at UCSF. Hao contributed to our work on outer dynein arms, and a collaborative study on GPCR-G-protein interactions.

Adrian Koh (2018-2019). Joined Thermo Fisher Scientific, Netherlands as an Applications Development Scientist. 


Josephine Botsch (2019). Master's student. Currently a Ph.D. candidate with Dr. Brenda Schulman at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Germany. Josie initiated our work on mammalian doublet microtubules.

Val Leifer (2017). Undergraduate student. Currently an MD candidate at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Griffin Rademacher (2018), Erica Sze-Tu (2019), Shahad Taqi (2019), Matthew Mangel (2020). Northeastern co-op students.

Research Assistants

Joshua David (2017-2019). Currently an MD candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University.