Welcome Luochen Liu

The lab is delighted to welcome Luochen Liu for a Ph.D. rotation project. Luochen will be working on IFT and hopes to learn cryo-EM processing.


Thanks to the hard work of members of the Brown lab, past and present, Alan has been promoted to Associate Professor

IFT-A structure

Our paper on the structure and polymerization mechanism of a native IFT-A complex was published today in Cell. It was a pleasure to go back-to-back with Anthony Robert's paper on recombinant human IFT-A, and for the work to be previewed by Max Nachury. Congrats to all authors involved.

Miao's last day :(

Today we said an emotional goodbye to the irreplaceable Miao Gui. Miao leaves to start his own lab in China (more details to follow). We wish him the best of luck and look forward to the amazing science that his team will produce in the future. 

Welcome Sven

Today the lab welcomes Sven Lange to the team. Sven joins from the MRC PPU in Dundee where he worked with Yogesh Kulathu on ubiquitin signaling.

SPACA9 - a promiscuous MIP?

Our latest work on human ciliary microtubules has been published in PNAS. We determined cryoEM structures of human respiratory doublet microtubules isolated from 2D organoids, and the singlet microtubules of the sperm endpiece revealing the presence of SPACA9 in both. This was a wonderful international collaboration with Tom Burgoyne (UCL, England) and Johanna Höög (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

Cover art

Jacob and Jing's work features on the cover of this month's edition of Blood

Matt Doran starts

The lab is delighted to welcome Matt Doran as a new postdoc. Matt joins from the Boston University School of Medicine, where he studied the mechanisms of cardiac muscle contraction and the structural causes of muscle disorders such as cardiomyopathies.

VWF tubules

Congratulations to Jacob on the publication of his paper describing how VWF tubules form. This was a wonderful collaboration with Jing Li and Tim Springer