Cover art

Our work on the structure of the radial spoke is featured on the cover of NSMB! Rustic.

Lauren's rotation ends

Lauren's rotation in the lab has come to an end, but we loved having her with us even for a short time. Good luck with your future rotations!

Structures of radial spokes

Our new collaborative paper on the structure of radial spokes and associated complexes has been published in Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. This was a huge effort led by Miao Gui who continued a project started by Adrian Koh when he was a postdoc in the lab. We're especially indebted to Erica Sze-Tu, a co-op undergraduate, who did a tremendous job perfecting flagella purification. The paper can be read for free here:

Lauren Litzau joins as a rotation student

Today we welcome Lauren to the lab for her first in-person rotation since arriving at Harvard from the University of Minnesota. Lauren will be working closely with Haixia Zhou and hopes to learn some EM.

Welcome to Jacob

Jacob Anderson becomes the lab's very first Ph.D. student. He will be studying the structural basis of ciliopathies. 

COVID-19 response

The Brown lab will be shut down for at least 6 weeks in response to COVID-19.